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Ms Sauvé is a Partner at Sylvestre Painchaud et associés since January 2010. Since her arrival at the law firm in 2005, Ms Sauvé has acquired a noteworthy experience in cooperative law and in class action suits. Also, she is in charge of many class action suits in favour of consumers or citizens. Ms Sauvé also practices in general civil law.

Ms Sauvé is part of the Steering Committee of the Cambridge Forum on Canadian class actions since February 2022 and was a speaker at:

  • In October 2020, on class actions, at the National Class Action Seminar
  • In March 2017, on class actions, at the National Class Action Seminar;
  • In March and May 2015, on housing cooperatives, for a Technical Resources Group;
  • In October 2014, on class actions and P.R.D., at the annual national conference of the ADR Institue of Canada;
  • In March 2014, on class actions, at the National Class Action Seminar ;
  • In March 2007, on housing cooperatives, at the annual convention of the Fédération des Coopératives d’Habitation Montérégiennes (FÉCHAM).

Ms Sauvé is also the author of papers published in Développements récents au Québec, au Canada et aux États-Unis in 2014 – Colloque national sur les recours collectifs, vol. 380 and in 2020 – Colloque national sur les actions collectives, vol. 480

Ms Sauvé was awarded the distinction of Best Lawyers in Class Action litigation since 2024.

Year of admission to the Bar: 2004
Graduate of University of Sherbrooke
Accredited civil mediator

Class Actions and

Option consommateurs alleges that the sites and are show ticket resale sites which illegally charge consumers prices higher than those authorized and which have conditions of use contrary to the Consumer Protection Act.

Short-term car rentals to young drivers (16 to 24 years old)

In the short-term car rental industry, it is common practice to discriminate against drivers aged 16 to 24 years (hereinafter "young drivers"). Such discrimination against young drivers could be in the form of: (1) charging additional fees, (2) the refusal to lease them certain vehicle models and (3) the outright refusal to lease them any model of vehicle;

Floodings in Sunny Bank, Gaspésie

Class action against the Ministry of Transports because of it's negligence to construct or maintain an adequate road, causing major flooding in Sunny Bank on December 15, 2010.

Floodings in the Rosemont District

Class action against the City of Montreal because of the floodings caused by its negligence to install or to maintain an adequate sewer system;wich occured in July 11, 2009 or July 26, 2009 or July 18, 2011 or August 21, 2011.

Completed Class Actions

Class Action Concerning the Excessive Noise Caused by Seaplanes at Lac-à-la-Tortue

The class action seeks to: - prohibit seaplane commercial tourism flights and pilot training on and from Lac-à-la-Tortue, as long as appropriate measures are not taken to reduce the noise to a reasonable level that does not infringe on the rights of members; - obtain compensatory damages for the loss of enjoyment of their property as well as annoyances and disturbances they have suffered and continue to suffer because of the activities of Aviation Mauricie and Bel-Air Aviation.

Class Action Concerning the Drug Fosamax for Atypical Fractures and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Class action against Merck Frost because of the risks associated with taking the drug and for having failed in its duty to provide information to consumers.

Class Action Concerning the Drug Fosamax for ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw)

Class action against Merck Frost because of the risks associated with taking the drug and for having failed in its duty to provide information to consumers.

Class Action Against Optimum (Shoppers Drug Mart) in Relation to the Optimum Fidelity Program Unilateral Changes

In July 2010, Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart) unilateraly modified the Optimum fidelity program, thus reducing the exchange value of already accumulated Optimum points. This class actions aims at cancelling the modifications to the Program and compensating consumers for the incurred losses following this unilateral change. Two other modifications made to the Program in 2008 and 2009 are also added to the class action.

Constructive Dismissal of Allstate Agents

ALLSTATE imposed major changes to the employment contracts of its agents, amounting to a constructive dismissal.

Ice Storm 1998

During the ice storm in 1998, victims of the storm had no heat, water and electricity, which made their homes uninhabitable. The insurance companies refused to pay additional living expenses such as lodging and food.

Funeral Insurance Policy

A funeral service company and insurers refused to honor insurance contracts for funeral expenses.

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