2tickets.ca and 514-tickets.com

Class action description

The class action undertaken by Option consommateurs targets the sites www.2tickets.ca and www.514-tickets.com which are sites for the resale of show tickets.

Option consommateurs maintains that these sites do not have the authorizations required by show producers to charge prices higher than those of sellers authorized to sell tickets. 2tickets.ca and 514-tickets.com therefore illegally charge additional amounts to consumers.

Indeed, section 236.1 of the Consumer Protection Act indicates the conditions to be met to be able to charge more than the authorized seller. According to information held by Option consommateurs, 2tickets.ca and 514-tickets.com do not meet these conditions. They could therefore not charge more than the authorized seller.

Furthermore, according to Option consommateurs, the Billets.ca and 514-Billets.com sites do not clearly disclose that they are ticket resale sites, thus misleading consumers.

The class action therefore seeks to compensate consumers and merchants for the amounts they overpaid, as well as amounts for intentionally violating the Consumer Protection Act. The collective action also seeks that 2tickets.ca and 514-tickets.com cease their practice and modify their conditions of use to comply with the Consumer Protection Act on various aspects, including the reimbursement of amounts paid by consumers rather than obtaining credit in the event of a problem with the ticket.

Group description

All consumers and merchants within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act residing and being physically in Quebec at the time of purchase, who, since October 13, 2020, have purchased at least one show ticket from Billets.ca or 514-Billets.com, at a price higher than that announced by the authorized seller, unless they met the conditions provided for in article 236.1 al.2 LPC at the time of the sale.


October 13, 2023 : Filling of the Motion for Authorization to Initiate a Class Action

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