Floodings in the Rosemont District

Class action description

Class action against the City of Montreal because of the floodings caused by its negligence to install or to maintain an adequate sewer system; which occured in July 11, 2009 or July 26, 2009 or July 18, 2011 or August 21, 2011.

Group description

All owners and residents situated in the quadrangle formed by the streets: De Bordeaux, 1st Avenue, St. Zotique and Belanger on July 11th or 26th, 2009 or July 18th or August 21th, 2011.


– August 2009: Motion for authorization to institute a class action;
– February 2011: Judgment granting the authorization;
– November 2011: Motion to institute a class action;
– July 2013: Defence;
– April 2015: Amendment to the motion to institute a class action.

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