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A class action allows one person or an organization to take legal action on behalf of a group of people that find themselves in a similar situation with regards to a corporation or even an industry. This approach is appropriate, among others, in the event of multiple small sums being claimed from a large retailer or a financial institution, or for larger individual claims that involve highly technical questions and costly expertise against a manufacturer. By acting as a group within a class action process, individuals can initiate and pursue legal proceedings that would be literally impossible to assume individually. Our firm is a pioneer in the Canadian field of plaintiff’s class action. Sylvestre Painchaud et associés have represented groups of citizens in over one hundred class actions.

Most Viewed Class Actions


Some journalists called it a small Norbourg. Approximately 150 investors in real estate were defrauded of 5 to 10 million dollars by François Roy, Marc Jemus and Robert Primeau. For most investors it started when they took investments courses with Whitney Canada inc. They were than invited to transfer their RRSPs to B2B Trust and/or to contract loans from B2B Trust for investment purposes. B2B Trust’s, Whitney’s, Notary Lafrenière’s, Optifund’s and IForum’s negligence contributed to the loss suffered by members of the group.

Class Action Concerning the Excessive Noise Caused by Seaplanes at Lac-à-la-Tortue

The class action seeks to: - prohibit seaplane commercial tourism flights and pilot training on and from Lac-à-la-Tortue, as long as appropriate measures are not taken to reduce the noise to a reasonable level that does not infringe on the rights of members; - obtain compensatory damages for the loss of enjoyment of their property as well as annoyances and disturbances they have suffered and continue to suffer because of the activities of Aviation Mauricie and Bel-Air Aviation.

Class Action Against CI, AIC and CIBC Asset Management

This class action alleges that CI, AIC and CIBC Asset management allowed frequent short term market timing transactions in some of their funds, such transaction having the effect of diluting the return of ordinary long term investors.

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