Cooperative Law

Cooperative<br />Law


Sylvestre Painchaud et Associés is one of the few law firms offering cooperative law insight and services. We have represented, among others, housing cooperatives, workers’ cooperatives and service cooperatives for over 40 years, making us a leading firm in the field. We can assist you through the whole life process of a cooperative, from constitution to daily management. We can also answer questions and provide counselling about routine or exceptional challenges of operations and governance. We also advise coops in the event of conflicts with members as well as in contractual litigation with third parties.

Our team can help you:

  • Settle conflicts between the board of directors and members
  • Represent your housing cooperative interests before the Régie du logement
  • Draft or revise your internal regulations and policies
  • Organize and coordinate your meetings
  • Administer your cooperative in accordance with the law and best practices

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