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Sylvestre Painchaud et associés has been established for over 35 years in Montreal. From the very beginning, our team has offered diversified, accessible, high-quality services, solidifying our reputation among clients and peers alike.

Our goal is to make access to justice a reality.

Our firm is a Canadian pioneer in the field of plaintiff’s class actions. Sylvestre Painchaud et Associés has represented groups of citizens in more than 100 cases. We are proud to help citizens take on these often-difficult battles by leveling the field between parties.

Services Adapted to Your Needs

Our law firm is one of the few practicing firms in cooperative law and has extensive experience and knowledge in this area of practice. Our highly skilled team can offer a vast range of legal services in many areas of law including construction law, inheritance law, family law, protective regimes for vulnerable persons, labour law, environmental law, mediation and arbitration.


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