Catherine Sylvestre

Catherine<br />Sylvestre




Me Sylvestre has joined the firm Sylvestre Painchaud et associés in 2003, and is a Partner since 2010.

She practices in civil litigation in various fields. Her services are offered to cooperatives, non-profit organizations, social economy enterprises, small businesses and individuals.

Me Sylvestre is also involved in several Class Actions for environmental problems, financial fraud, consumer protection, manufacturer and professional liabilities.

She is a board member for various foundations and non-profit organizations.

Class Actions

Environmental impact of the Alcoa plant in Baie-Comeau

The members of the group ask for the environmental rehabilitation of their land and houses in the St-Georges neighbourhood, a financial compensation for the members who developed an illness caused by the emanations from the plant and an injunctive relief for the reduction of the plant’s harmful emissions.

Completed Class Actions

Neighbours of the Glen Campus - Excessive Noise Emanating from the MUHC Ventilation System

A Class action for obtaining a reduction to an acceptable level of the noise emanating from the ventilation system of the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and compensation to the residents for loss of enjoyment of their properties and for all troubles and inconveniences they have suffered and continue to suffer because of nuisance noises from this system.


Some journalists called it a small Norbourg. Approximately 150 investors in real estate were defrauded of 5 to 10 million dollars by François Roy, Marc Jemus and Robert Primeau. For most investors it started when they took investments courses with Whitney Canada inc. They were than invited to transfer their RRSPs to B2B Trust and/or to contract loans from B2B Trust for investment purposes. B2B Trust’s, Whitney’s, Notary Lafrenière’s, Optifund’s and IForum’s negligence contributed to the loss suffered by members of the group.

Class Action Concerning the Excessive Noise Caused by Seaplanes at Lac-à-la-Tortue

The class action seeks to: - prohibit seaplane commercial tourism flights and pilot training on and from Lac-à-la-Tortue, as long as appropriate measures are not taken to reduce the noise to a reasonable level that does not infringe on the rights of members; - obtain compensatory damages for the loss of enjoyment of their property as well as annoyances and disturbances they have suffered and continue to suffer because of the activities of Aviation Mauricie and Bel-Air Aviation.

Class Action Concerning Kugel Mesh Membranes

This class action concerns people who received a Kugel Mesh membrane or patch as described in the motion, for treatrment of an abdominal hernia. Those Kugel Mesh membranes or patches have a «memory recall rings» that allows the patch to regain its shape after being insterted by laparoscopy. That ring can break and cause internal injury.


The freelance writers for the newspaper The Gazette ask for a financial compensation and an injunctive relief for the illegal reproduction of their articles in electronic databases.

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