Environmental impact of the Alcoa plant in Baie-Comeau

Class action description

The members of the group ask for the environmental rehabilitation of their land and houses in the St-Georges neighbourhood, a financial compensation for the members who developed an illness caused by the emanations from the plant and an injunctive relief for the reduction of the plant’s harmful emissions.

An out-of-court settlement has been reached in the class action suit brought by the Regroupement des citoyens du quartier St-Georges against Alcoa.

To find out if you are a member and for more information, please visit www.actioncollectivestgeorges.ca

Collaboration: Dufour Jacques Dufour

Group description

People who live in the St-Georges neighbourhood in Baie-Comeau.


August 2005: Motion for Authorization to Institute a Class Action
May 2007: Judgment authorizing the bringing of the Class Action
September 2007: Motion to Institute a Class Action
April 2008: Particularized Motion to Institute Proceeding
June 2008: Alcoa’s Defence
July 2008::Response to Alcoa’s Defence
October 2009: Alcoa’s Motion for Particulars
October 2009: Motion to Strike Allegations
October 2010: : Judgment on the Motion to Strike Allegations
November 2015: Motion to Enforce a Collective Conclusion and to Appoint an Independent Expert
April 2016:J udgment for the appointment of experts, setting a time limit for the production of a report and comments and for ruling on the fees
March 2021: Defendants’ Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Leave to Amend the Motion to Institute a Class Action and Motion to Strike Allegations from the Amended Motion to Institute a Class Action dated February 15, 2021
May 2021: Decision of the Court on the Defendants’ Opposition
June 2021: Amended Motion to Institute Proceedings dated June 21, 202
September 2021: Amended Alcoa’s Defence

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