Civil Liability

In our modern society, each must govern themselves and the people, animals and things under their responsibility in a manner as to not cause damage. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for the damages caused. In contractual relations, each party must also deliver on their obligations in govern themselves in good faith, failing which they can be held to perform under the law. Read more about class actions lead by our team in this field:

Pending Class Actions

Floodings in the Rosemont District

Class action against the City of Montreal because of the floodings caused by its negligence to install or to maintain an adequate sewer system;wich occured in July 11, 2009 or July 26, 2009 or July 18, 2011 or August 21, 2011.

Class Action Against RBC Royal Bank of Canada Regarding Olympus United Funds Corporation (Norshield)

This class action alleges RBC's responsibility for the losses incurred by Canadian retail investors who had invested in Olympus United Funds Corporation and could not redeem their shares in June 2005. Mrs Calder argues that, without RBC's collaboration with the Norshield Group, the fraud of which the Canadian retail investors were victims would not have occured.

Floodings in Sunny Bank, Gaspésie

Class action against the Ministry of Transports because of it's negligence to construct or maintain an adequate road, causing major flooding in Sunny Bank on December 15, 2010.

Completed Class Actions

Class Action Regarding the Temporary Shutdown of the Royal Bank’s Account Management System

Following an error by an employee of Royal Bank during an update, the computer system which managed clients’ accounts temporarily shut down. Information on transactions and balances were disturbed for over a week. The shut down occurred on a Wednesday, at the end of a month, while payroll and regular monthly transactions were about to take place.

Agriculture Law - Maple Syrup

Class action for the account of 5000 acéricoles producers of Quebec who did not receive the totality of the selling price of their products.

Constructive Dismissal of Allstate Agents

ALLSTATE imposed major changes to the employment contracts of its agents, amounting to a constructive dismissal.


The freelance writers for the newspaper The Gazette ask for a financial compensation and an injunctive relief for the illegal reproduction of their articles in electronic databases.

Funeral Insurance Policy

A funeral service company and insurers refused to honor insurance contracts for funeral expenses.

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