Shabnam Keymaram


Me Shabnam Keymaram joined the firm as a lawyer in 2023. Holder of bachelor’s degrees in history, political science and law, she possesses a nuanced knowledge of the inner workings of the executive, legislative judicial branches of the government.

Her rich life experience is a testament to her dedication to fight injustice and aid the most vulnerable. Her passion for litigation is reflected in her constant commitment to perfect the arts of persuasion and public speaking.

After her law studies, Me Keymaram completed an internship with Lobbyisme Québec at the National Capital. Thanks to her notable experience in politics, she contributed to the modernization of the Registry of Lobbyists, while simultaneously deepening her understanding of the processes surrounding public calls for tenders and the awarding of public contracts.

Me Keymaram has had the opportunity to plead on a variety of cases before the Administrative Housing Tribunal, as well as certain cases before the Court of Quebec and the Superior Court of Quebec.  

She also offers a support service to clients with their cases before the Small Claims Court.

Since her arrival at the firm, Me Keymaram has used her knowledge in the fields of business and real estate to defend the rights of individuals and small to medium sized companies. Her transparent and collaborative approach ensures that her clients’ interests are represented at every stage of the legal process.

Year of admission to the Bar: 2021

Graduate from the University of Sherbrook in civil law

Graduate from the University of Concordia in History and Political Science

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