Inheritance Law and Protective Regimes

Inheritance Law<br />and Protective Regimes

Inheritance Law
and Protective Regimes


The loss of a loved one often comes with numerous responsibilities for the survivors. Our team understands the legal aspects presiding over the distribution of a person’s estate, and the specific difficulty of tackling these challenges concurrently to grieving. Sylvestre Painchaud et associés can assist you in finding solutions and navigating through this difficult process.

Protective Mandates and Regimes:

Vulnerable persons need to be adequately cared for and their rights to be protected. Vulnerability can stem from physical accidents, health accidents or simply by growing older. Adequate care and protection of rights can be planned ahead through a protection mandate, or through establishing a legal protective regime. In both cases, trustworthy people can be identified and appointed to provide the required level of care and protection. Our firm can help you and loved ones to prepare or react efficiently to disability, in order for dignity and rights to be preserved, and care to be provided.

Our team can help you:

  • Contest or probate a will
  • Manage and distribute an estate
  • Supervise an executor’s duties
  • Assist you in drafting a protection mandate
  • Establish a protective regime

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