Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and<br />Arbitration

Mediation and

When a conflict arises between parties, the first reflex is to turn to the courts. There are however alternative methods to solve conflicts without stepping foot into a court room. In many cases, mediation or arbitration is a solution that is in everyone’s best interest. In mediation, the parties meet on a voluntary basis in the presence of a mediator, whose role is to facilitate discussion in an impartial way. The mediator will help the parties identify and distinguish between needs and interests and help find solutions fit to resolve the disagreement. In arbitration, the parties submit their disputes to a private impartial arbitrator, who will make a quick, legal binding decision. Before or after conflict arise, Sylvestre Painchaud et associés can help you identify and chose between alternative dispute resolution methods.

Our mediation and arbitration lawyers can help you:

  • Integrate or analyze alternative dispute resolution methods in your contracts
  • Advise on the appropriate alternative dispute resolution method
  • Act as a mediator to help resolve a conflict
  • Guide and assist you in an arbitration process
  • Act as an arbitrator for a case

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