Neighbours of the Glen Campus – Excessive Noise Emanating from the MUHC Ventilation System

Class action description

A Class action for obtaining a reduction to an acceptable level of the noise emanating from the ventilation system of the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and compensation to the residents for loss of enjoyment of their properties and for all troubles and inconveniences they have suffered and continue to suffer because of nuisance noises from this system.

Group description

All persons who are residing or have resided, and all persons who are working or studying, or who have worked or studied since February 1st, 2014 within the area bordered on the north by Côte-St-Antoine Street, on the west by Marlowe Street, on the south by De Maisonneuve boulevard and Ste-Catherine Street and on the east by Lansdowne Street.

If you think you are part of this group, we invite you to submit your information and comments in order for us to generate a directory of members. We are inviting you to visit our website on a regular basis in order to be updated on the current case.


May 11, 2015: Filing of the Motion for authorization to exercise a class action lawsuit. August 5, 2016: Settlement Agreement; November 30, 2016: Amended motion dated November 30, 2016, for authorization to institute a class action for the purposes of a settlement agreement and for the status of representative; December 15, 2016: Corrected judgment authorizing the exercise of the class action for the purpose of the approval of the settlement agreement; January 26, 2017: Motion for approval of a settlement agreement and determination of the lawyers’ fees and costs; February 6, 2017: Hearing for approval of the settlement agreement; March 21, 2017: Corrected Judgment of the motion for approval of the settlement agreement and determination of the lawyers’ fees and costs.

Notices and News

Notice to Members - Neighbours of the MUHC Glen Campus

The claims period ends on June 7, 2017.

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