C.E.V.E. v. Domfer Poudres Métalliques

Class action description

In 2006, following a first class action, Domfer Poudres Métalliques (Domfer) was found liable and ordered to pay damages to the members of the group who are persons living in the Ville-Émard neighbourhood in Montreal. In 2008, proofs of claims were delivered by those members to the trustee acting in the bankruptcy of Domfer and dividends were paid to them in 2009. The plaintiff claims that the defendants, by their fault and as directors of Domfer, caused a financial injury to the members of the first class action. It asks for the defendants to be ordered to pay to the members of the group an amount equal to the difference between the sum of the claims delivered to the trustee and the sum of the dividends that it paid to the members.

Group description

“All the members whose claim was accepted in the record of the Court number 500-06-000036-976” (first class action)

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January 18th, 2011: Filing of the motion for authorization to institute a class action.
June 11th, 2012: Judgment on the motion for authorization to institute a class action.

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