La Lièvre

Class action description

Action for damages against the Attorney General of Quebec to compensate the members of the class action for injuries they have sustained (eg erosion of the embankments of their land) and were caused by the operation of the Rapide-des-Cèdres dam.

Group description

All upstream riverside residents (Poisson Blanc, Rivière du Lièvre up to Rapides du Wabasse and de l’Orignal).

If you think you are part of this group, we invite you to submit your information and comments in order for us to generate a directory of members. We are inviting you to visit our website on a regular basis in order to be updated on the current case.


September 26th, 2003: Filing of the motion to institute the class action December 28th, 2006: Judgment granting the motion to institute the class action October 1st, 2007: Filing of a motion to institute proceedings April 9th, 2008: Filing of the amended motion with particulars to institute proceedings December 1st, 2008: Judgment rendered on the motion to dismiss presented by the Attorney General January 26th, 2009: Judgement on the Attorney General’s motion to grant permission to appeal the December 1st judgment June 10th, 2009: Defence January 22th, 2010: Response

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