Domestic Waste Water Plant

Class action description

Action for damages against the City of Boisbriand to compensate the members of the class action for damages they have sustained and which were caused by the domestic waste water plant in Boisbriand (nauseating odors and water pollution).

Group description

Any person residing or having resided after March 9th, 2003 on the following streets : Chemin Ile-de-Mai, Principale, Fortin, Lapointe, de Chavigny, Chauvin, impasse Calixa-Lavallée, place Cloutier, Clément et Colin in Boisbriand.

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March 9, 2006: Filing of the motion to institute the class action February 8, 2007: Judgment granting the motion to institute the class action June 19, 2009 : Judgment approving a partial transaction

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