Notices to Members

David Brown: Judgment on the merits rendered by the Superior court on February 20, 2019 against François Roy, Marc Jémus and Lloyd’s Underwriters

Access the judgment by clicking on the following link

David Brown: Judgments approving the agreement with B2B Bank, the agreement with Optifund Investments, the claims protocol as well as the class counsel’s fees have been rendered

Please be advised that the Honorable Justice Michel Déziel, Superior Court Judge, rendered four judgments in this class action. You will find these judgments on the page dedicated to this class action.

David Brown: Application for approval of the Claims process and the Class Counsel’s fees

Be advised that the plaintiff will submit to the court for approval an application for the distribution to Class members, of the total amount of $ 3.4 million received in the settlements convened with the defendants Whitney Canada, Samson and Associates , B2B Bank and Optifund Investments, in accordance with the Claims protocol proposed. The […]

David Brown: Settlement Agreement B2B Bank and Optifund Investments

To all members of the Class defined as follows: All those natural persons, and legal persons with less than fifty (50) employees, who have made various investments proposed to them by Marc Jémus, François Roy and/or Robert Primeau, and/or through them, in and/or through companies related to one of them, in the year 2001 to […]

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