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An alumnus of the law faculty of Université de Montréal, Mr. Painchaud was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 1996.

He represents individual and corporate clients in civil matters, including shareholders’ rights, construction and mortgage litigation, estate litigation and protection of vulnerable persons’ law. Since 2004, a significant part of his practice is dedicated to class actions in Canada, notably in matters of financial industry practices, unfair competition and price fixing, and consumer protection. His past and present class action defendants include mutual fund managers, banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, international associations and provincial and federal public agencies.

Mr. Painchaud is a certified civil mediator, and he is a member of the Class Action Committee of the Barreau du Québec. He has had the honor of addressing colleagues and judges on various subjects at class action conferences in Quebec and in other Canadian jurisdictions. Mr. Painchaud is a member of the Global Justice Network, a worldwide association of claimant or plaintiff lawyers.

Class Actions

Class Action Against RBC Royal Bank of Canada Regarding Olympus United Funds Corporation (Norshield)

This class action alleges RBC's responsibility for the losses incurred by Canadian retail investors who had invested in Olympus United Funds Corporation and could not redeem their shares in June 2005. Mrs Calder argues that, without RBC's collaboration with the Norshield Group, the fraud of which the Canadian retail investors were victims would not have occured.

Class Action Against CI and AIC

This class action alleges that CI, AIC and CIBC Asset management allowed frequent short term market timing transactions in some of their funds, such transaction having the effect of diluting the return of ordinary long term investors.

Class Action Regarding Price Fixing Practices in the Ebooks Industry (Livrels/ Ebooks)

This class action alleges that ebooks publishers Hachette, Harper Collins, MacMillen, Penguin and Simon & Schuster (the Respondent Publishers) conspired with Apple to fix ebooks prices in Canada since Apple’s Ipad launch in April 2010.

Completed Class Actions

Mercedes-Benz Canada Class Action

Petitioner Mr Marcel Nadeau, for himself and for all the members of the Group hereinafter described, blames Mercedes-Benz for having used, in the construction of its M272 V6 and M273 V8 engines, a component affected by a design flaw.

Class Action Regarding 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Electrical Problems

A class action on behalf of owners of 2006 Volkswagen Jetta vehicles for which a wiring harness that goes from the body to the inside of the driver’s door is too short. This design defect causes the sleeves of the wires to crack which causes short circuits affecting electrical accessories and the electrical system.

Ticket Master / Tickets Now Class Action

Claimant alleged that TicketMaster and TicketsNow conspired to give the impression that tickets for venues were sold out on the primary market, thus artificially hiking prices of tickets on the secondary markets.

Constructive Dismissal of Allstate Agents

ALLSTATE imposed major changes to the employment contracts of its agents, amounting to a constructive dismissal.

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