Pierre Sylvestre

Pierre<br />Sylvestre


Senior Counsel, Ad. E.


Founding partner of the firm Sylvestre Painchaud et associés, Mr. Sylvestre practices in the field of civil matters, frequently on behalf of groups of persons, also in Class Actions, Cooperative Law, Civil Liability, Environmental matters and Construction Law Mr. Sylvestre is the first attorney in Quebec and in Canada to act in Class Actions in different areas: environmental matters, consumer protection, securities, manufacturers liability, education, personal injuries, etc. He was chosen to appear on the list of “The best lawyers in Canada” in class action litigation for 2008,2011 and 2013 and received the title of Lawyer of the year in Montreal for 2011 in class actions and 2013 in “Bet-The-Company litigation”.* Mr. Sylvestre has been a member of Boards of Directors of various corporations dedicated to the protection, promotion and defence of citizens’ rights. * Corporate litigation including the fallowing areas: Securities law, intellectual property, mass torts, product liability, antitrust and other substantive areas of law.

Class Actions

Environmental impact of the Alcoa plant in Baie-Comeau

The members of the group ask for the environmental rehabilitation of their land and houses in the St-Georges neighbourhood, a financial compensation for the members who developed an illness caused by the emanations from the plant and an injunctive relief for the reduction of the plant’s harmful emissions.

Completed Class Actions

Neighbours of the Glen Campus - Excessive Noise Emanating from the MUHC Ventilation System

A Class action for obtaining a reduction to an acceptable level of the noise emanating from the ventilation system of the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and compensation to the residents for loss of enjoyment of their properties and for all troubles and inconveniences they have suffered and continue to suffer because of nuisance noises from this system.


Some journalists called it a small Norbourg. Approximately 150 investors in real estate were defrauded of 5 to 10 million dollars by François Roy, Marc Jemus and Robert Primeau. For most investors it started when they took investments courses with Whitney Canada inc. They were than invited to transfer their RRSPs to B2B Trust and/or to contract loans from B2B Trust for investment purposes. B2B Trust’s, Whitney’s, Notary Lafrenière’s, Optifund’s and IForum’s negligence contributed to the loss suffered by members of the group.

C.E.V.E. v. Domfer Poudres Métalliques

In 2006, following a first class action, Domfer Poudres Métalliques (Domfer) was found liable and ordered to pay damages to the members of the group who are persons living in the Ville-Émard neighbourhood in Montreal. In 2008, proofs of claims were delivered by those members to the trustee acting in the bankruptcy of Domfer and dividends were paid to them in 2009.

La Lièvre

Action for damages against the Attorney General of Quebec to compensate the members of the class action for injuries they have sustained (eg erosion of the embankments of their land) and were caused by the operation of the Rapide-des-Cèdres dam.

Domestic Waste Water Plant

Action for damages against the City of Boisbriand to compensate the members of the class action for damages they have sustained and which were caused by the domestic waste water plant in Boisbriand (nauseating odors and water pollution).

Snowmobiles on the Parc linéaire « Petit train du Nord »

The members of the group were granted an injunctive relief to prohibit the circulation of snowmobiles on the Parc linéaire «Petit train du Nord» between St-Faustin-Lac-Carré and Labelle. A monetary relief in the amount of $1,200.00 per year, plus interests and additional indemnity, was also granted to all persons who lived at 100 meters or less from the snowmobile track during the winter season, for the years 1997 to 2004 inclusively.

Class Action Concerning the Drug Fosamax for ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw)

Class action against Merck Frost because of the risks associated with taking the drug and for having failed in its duty to provide information to consumers.

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