Class Action Against RBC Royal Bank of Canada Regarding Olympus United Funds Corporation (Norshield)

Class action description

This class action brought by Mrs. Sheila Calder alleges RBC’s responsibility for the losses incurred by Canadian retail investors who had invested in Olympus United Funds Corporation. Those investors were faced with the impossibility to redeem their shares in June 2005. More than 150 M$ were lost to the Canadian retail investors represented by this class action. Mrs. Calder argues that, without RBC’s collaboration with the Norshield Financial Group, the fraud of which the Canadian retail investors were victims would not have occured.

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Group description

All Canadian retail investors who purchased one of the Olympus United Funds Corporation shares (formally First Horizon Holdings Ltd.) from June 27, 1999 to June 29, 2005, and who had outstanding shares in said corporation as of June 29, 2005.


April 10 and 11, 2013: Motion for Authorisation of a Class Action was heard before Justice Marc G. De Weaver.
Novembre 1, 2013: Class Action Authorisation granted by Justice Marc De Wever.
March 18, 2014: Filing of the motion to introduce proceedings (claim in dammages) See following proceedings for more info

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