Class action description

Some journalists called it a small Norbourg. Approximately 150 investors in real estate were defrauded of 5 to 10 million dollars by François Roy, Marc Jemus and Robert Primeau. For most investors it started when they took investments courses with Whitney Canada inc. They were than invited to transfer their RRSPs to B2B Trust and/or to contract loans from B2B Trust for investment purposes. B2B Trust’s, Whitney’s, Notary Lafrenière’s, Optifund’s and IForum’s negligence contributed to the loss suffered by members of the group.

Group description

All persons who have made various investments proposed to them by Marc Jemus, François Roy and/or Robert Primeau, and/or through them, and/or in or through companies related to one of them, during the years 2001 to 2005 inclusively.

If you think you are part of this group, we invite you to submit your information and comments in order for us to generate a directory of members. We are inviting you to visit our website on a regular basis in order to be updated on the current case.


May 2006 : Motion for Authorization to Institute a Class Action October 2009 : Examination of Petitionner David Brown June 2010 : Hearing of the for Authorization to Institute a Class Action August 2010 :Judment for Authorization

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