Class Action Against the Bouchard Sand-Pit

Class action description

Action for damages and an injunction against the owner of a sand quarry, Paul Bouchard, the operator Location Jean Miller Inc. and the administrator of the operator, Jean Miller to compensate the members of the class action for injuries they suffered and which were caused by the exploitation of the sand quarry (noise, dust, truck traffic, etc.)

Group description

All persons who, since May 6, 2006, are living (or lived), work (or worked) on one of the following streets: De l’Église, 1er Rand de Doncaster, montée Gagnon, Duquette, Le Villageois, chemin de la Rivière, Léveillé, impasse du Bosquet, St-Olive, Dion, Ménard, De L’Académie, Jean-Baptiste Dufresne, de la Sapinière, Lavoie, Monty, Davidson, Piché, Beaumont, du Centre , Jean Morin, Beaulieu, Lamoureux, du Mont-Césaire, de la Falaise, du Marais, croissant des Alpes, Campeau, chemin du Pin, Val-Anger, de l’Aube, chemin des Boisés-Champêtres, du Pacifique. All students who attend or have attended since May 6, 2006 St-Jean-Baptiste and Sainte-Mary elementary schools.

If you think you are part of this group, we invite you to submit your information and comments in order for us to generate a directory of members. We are inviting you to visit our website on a regular basis in order to be updated on the current case.


– May 6th 2009: Filing of the motion to institute the class action
– February 12th 2010: filing of a motion to amend the motion to institute the class action

Pierre Sylvestre
Lawyers assigned to the dossier

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