Manufacturer's Liability

This highly important field of class action practice aims at holding manufacturers responsible for defects introduced in their mass production processes. Mass production, with all its advantages, can come with widespread adverse consequences affecting large groups of people. Read more about class actions lead by our team in this field:

Completed Class Actions

Mercedes-Benz Canada Class Action

Petitioner Mr Marcel Nadeau, for himself and for all the members of the Group hereinafter described, blames Mercedes-Benz for having used, in the construction of its M272 V6 and M273 V8 engines, a component affected by a design flaw.

Heating Film of Flexel International and Thermaflex

Class action for refunding the price of radiant heating film for which the Government had required the disconnection, due to the risk of fire.

Heating Film of Flexel International and Thermaflex and Canadian Association of Normalisation Inc.

Class action for the refund of the price of radiant heating films, which the Government ordered to be disconnected due to the risk of fire.

Plastic Vents of Hart & Cooley and Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Plastic vent pipes were dangerous because they let noxious fumes escape.

Dryers by W.C.I. Canada Inc.

Class action concerning the refund of fees as part of a recall of 50,000 defective dryers.

Ticket Master / Tickets Now Class Action

Claimant alleged that TicketMaster and TicketsNow conspired to give the impression that tickets for venues were sold out on the primary market, thus artificially hiking prices of tickets on the secondary markets.

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