Crown's Liability

No government organization or level of government is above the law. The risk of liability holds government organizations to higher levels of efficiency and better quality of services. Read more about class actions lead by our team in this field:

Pending Class Actions

Floodings in the Rosemont District

Class action against the City of Montreal because of the floodings caused by its negligence to install or to maintain an adequate sewer system;wich occured in July 11, 2009 or July 26, 2009 or July 18, 2011 or August 21, 2011.

Completed Class Actions

Municipal Regulations

This Class Action was aiming to obtain a declaration of nullity of a borrowing by- law of more than one million dollars adopted illegally by the municipality for the construction of a golf course outside the municipality territory.

Investment for Research and Development - Tax Shelter/ S.F.S. LOGIC-FISC INC.

Several people lost large sums by investing in partnerships for research and development. The financial amounts being illegal, in some cases fraudulent, and yet promoted by the government.

Genèse Project

Class action against the Government of the province of Quebec which demanded from people sponsoring new immigrants arriving in the province of Quebec, the reimbursement of amounts paid to said immigrants as a last resort assistance.

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